Documentation, Notes, Videos, and Links

Product Documentation
Installation and usage of the 100231 LX200 Motor Encoder board (PDF)
Installation and usage of the 100232 Encoder Calibration Tool (PDF)
Installation of the 100240 LX200 Power Panel PC board (PDF)
Usage instructions for the LX200 Boot Emulator with Joystick (PDF)
Installation of the Optical Components Scaffolds for LX200 motor drive assemblies (PDF)

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Other Resources
Detailed information on the LX200, including motor drives.
Meade Products User Group's collected information on the LX200 and more.
Dr. Clay Sherrod's site, with telescope repair and tune-up services.
More information about the LX200 Classic Telescope.
Repair services for the LX200.
Repairs/Upgrades LX200 Classic GPS/R/ACF, LX850, custom cables, optics cleaning, CNC parts.