This device, when plugged into the "Keypad" jack, appears to the telescope as the Meade hand controller during initialization. This allows the telescope to complete its start-up process and ready itself for receiving commands over the RS-232 port. Note that this "Boot-Up" emulator only functions during start-up, it has no buttons and cannot control any telescope functions by itself.

For 8", 10", and 12" LX200 "Classic" telescopes, and LXD650/750 mounts with version 3.xx software.

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Additional Information

When the LX200 Classic with version 3.xx software starts up, it expects a "handshake" with its hand controller. Without that conversation, the telescope will not complete its start up, and thus cannot be used even by sending commands through the RS-232 port. This device plugs into the Keypad port in place of the hand controller, and completes the start-up handshake so the telescope can respond to control through the RS-232 port.

The emulator is small and stays out of the way while in place. It will blink a red LED three times after power on, when the start-up handshake has completed successfully.

Please refer to this PDF document for usage instructions: Usage Instructions

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