This is a replacement for the PC board behind the LX200 Power Panel. It is a newly-designed circuit board replacement for the original in the 8", 10", and 12" Meade LX200 "Classic" telescope.

This circuit improves on the original by using a high-side current measurement approach that does not put additional resistance in the ground path.

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Additional Information

A PDF document with instructions for installing in the LX200 is available here: installation.pdf

Note that this product does NOT include the fuse or coin battery. The new board requires exactly the same two parts; they can be simply transferred from the old board. For reference, the battery is a coin-type, CR2032 or equivalent. The fuse is a 1.5 Amp, Slow-Blow type.

This design improves upon the original:

Measurement of current for the LED bar display is done using a low 0.01-ohm sense resistor (10X lower than the original). The sense resistor is on the positive supply rail rather than in series with ground, to further improve ground noise. Current handling is upgraded by using larger traces for power signals such as the declination motor assembly's power, ground and motor drive, along with low-impedence ground paths. The 2200 uF capacitor is moved to a safer electrical site, to prevent damage in case of reverse-polarity described in this forum post

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