This is a complete replacement for the original Meade Hand Controller. For the 8", 10", 12" and 16" Meade LX200 "Classic" telescope, version 3.00 or above.

It is a new, more power efficient design, functionally equivalent and in the same form factor as the original. We have replaced the backlit LCD display with a new OLED display, with red characters on a true black background.

Cable included.

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Additional Information

This LX200 Hand Controller is a functional replacement for the original "Classic" version 3.xx Meade hand controller, in virtually the same form factor. It performs all of the functions detailed in the original 1996 telescope manual.

The design is more power-efficient, using only about 40% of the current required by the original. With low operating current, a copper pad heat sink design helps keep thermal heating minimal, even using an 18-volt power supply. If you use a battery supply, you should see longer battery life. The bypass capacitor is properly derated and the keypad flex cable is routed well away from it and any power supply voltage.

We are happy to provide more design details upon request.

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