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Meade LX200 "Classic" Telescope Parts

New! This is a replacement for the original v3.xx Meade Hand Controller.
Replacement PC board for the LX-200 front panel connectors and electronics.
Replacement for RA and DEC motor encoder PC boards.
For calibrating the output duty cycle of motor encoders.
Provides serial connectivity between your PC and LX200 Classic.
Emulates hand controller during telescope startup. Includes joystick.
Components and kits for replacing IR devices, capacitors, etc.

Meade LX10 Telescope Parts

New! Improved replacement for the Meade LX10 Main PC board.

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Special Pricing on Multiple Part Orders

When ordering 2 Encoder boards, the total price is reduced from $64.00 to $60.00    

When ordering 2 Encoder boards PLUS a Calibration Tool, total price is reduced from $92.00 to $80.00    

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