With this device a PC can communicate directly with your Meade LX200 / LX200 GPS. Also, with your ETX 90, ETX 105, and ETX 125 AT telescopes through the Autostar 497 hand controller. Requires two cables, one with a USB Type-B male end that you supply (up to 16 feet long) between the computer and adapter, and one for the telescope side that we include. That cable can be of two types, depending on your telescope, so let us know in your order if you need the 6-pin cable for the LX200s, or the 4-pin cable for the Autostar 497. You can order any of the following lengths, at the pricing below. (Remember that the total distance will include the USB type-B cable that you supply.)

With Cable
Total Cost
0.5 ft.
10 ft.
25 ft.
50 ft.
100 ft.
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Additional Information

There are two RS232 ports wired into the LX200 connector, our adapter uses the PC DATA pins, not the MISC. SERIAL pins, as named in the LX200 Classic manual. Your Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu Linux PC should recognize the serial port using its built-in drivers, but if needed, drivers for Mac and Windows PCs are available on the website: https://ftdichip.com/drivers/vcp-drivers/

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