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New! LX200 Classic Hand Controller OLED Display

We've improved our hand controller by replacing the backlit LCD display with a new OLED display. The new display has a true black background with bright red characters.


Our YouTube channel is now live

Check out videos on repairs, how-to's, product tips, and more.

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Our LX200 Boot Emulator Now Has a Joystick

Like our original emulator, this one handshakes with the LX200 Classic to allow it to complete the start-up process and be ready to accept commands from a computer. But this one also includes a joystick, enabling N-S-E-W movement at all four slew speeds.


LX200 USB-to-Serial Adapter

Connect the LX200 Classic's RS-232 port to your PC, using your standard USB male type B cable. This is a true RS232-level interface wired, and tested specifically for the LX200. Works with the LX200 GPS too!


Announcing Meade LX10 Main Board

This is a replacement for the Meade LX10 main PC board. This part features a re-designed circuit with improved tracking stability.


Tech Support Notes

Read our technical notes on the Classic LX200, including DEC wiring, software version detection, hand controller communications etc.


Our Mission

We wish to be a source for hard-to-find components that enable repair, refurbishment, and enhancement of legacy equipment. We operate with low overhead and design for low-cost manufacturing, so that we can operate profitably in low volumes. We are adding new product all the time so check back.

Telescope Products

We offer a range of repair parts for the Meade LX200 and Meade LX10 telescopes, and more to come. In addition to our LX200 parts, we are very happy to announce a replacement hand controller for the LX200 Classic. And, we have just released our first repair part for the Meade LX10 telescope, a replacement for the front panel PCB.

Services & Support

At Clearline, supporting our products and customers is part of business, and we've been doing it for over 20 years. Contact us anytime at

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