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New! Meade LX200 Hand Controller

This is a new replacement for the LX200 Classic Handset, for version 3.xx software and above. It looks and functions virtually the same as the original.


New! Meade LX10 Main Board

This is a replacement for the Meade LX10 main PC board. This part features a re-designed circuit with improved tracking stability.


New! Tech Support Notes

Read our technical notes on the Classic LX200, including DEC wiring, software version detection, hand controller communications etc.


Meade LX200 Power Panel Circuit Boards

We now have two different replacements for the power panel PCBs on the Meade LX200 Classic telescope. Both improve on the originals, one includes auto-sensing hand controller emulation.


Meade LX200 Motor Encoder Circuit Board

This motor encoder is an improved replacement part for the circuit boards originally installed on Meade LX200 Classic telescopes and LXD650 and LXD750 mounts. For both RA and DEC motors.


Our Goal

We wish to be a source for hard-to-find components that enable repair, refurbishment, and enhancement of legacy equipment. We design for low production and engineering costs, so that we can operate profitably in low volumes with attractive pricing.

Telescope Products

We offer a range of repair parts for the Meade LX200 and Meade LX10 telescopes, and more to come. In addition to our LX200 parts, we are very happy to announce a replacement hand controller for the LX200 Classic. And, we have just released our first repair part for the Meade LX10 telescope, a replacement for the front panel PCB.

Services & Support

Support is critical for small-lot runs and custom engineering. Clearline has been supporting its products and clients for over 10 years. Contact us anytime at

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